Vampire Vs. Slayer (A One Direction Horror)

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Carly Fletcher By CarlyFletch13 Completed
Ariana Doden's life was far from perfect. It was filled with creatures that most people only see in their nightmares. Ariana and her friends live to put an end to these creatures. But, when she meets a certain curly-haired one from her past, will she turn her back on all she knows, or will she end up dead?
Ew, taylor swift as ariana... you should make Megan Nicole as ariana -.-
@Official_Fangirl Yeah but Taylor Swift wouldn't hunt Vanpires down, she'd try and get them to date her.
Perhaps changing Taylor Swift as the character. Anyways, great start.
I wonder who is the vampire. I like jack for some strange reason....
hey, could i ge a shoutout? this is probably my favourite one direction story on here and i would love to be in it :D Maybe even a character? i know its a lot to ask but my name in real life is Elana :) pls pls pls, iloveyou
this is so interesting and original omg i liken love ur stories their all so great and original and creative lol