Starbucks, Coffee & Niall Horan >> Diall

Starbucks, Coffee & Niall Horan >> Diall

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el☽ By euphorious_ Updated Jul 01, 2016

The woman puts the coffee cup in-between me and the blonde boy without noticing, I quickly try to grab it, and I succeed, but at the same time other hand grabbed it. 

"It's mine!" An Irish accent says, I don't mind to look up, but I push the coffee away from him, I'm already tired today and I don't need a stupid Irish guy ruining it even more.

We are fighting for the cup

"That's mine!"

"No! I grabbed it first!"

And how it ends? I felt a hot liquid on my face, let alone my arms, and finally I look up, to be met by familiar blue eyes.

Isn't that Niall Horan?

"Sorry, " he murmurs


disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in the book (even though I wish I owned Demi Lovato)

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