Black Butler Boyfriend Scenarios

Black Butler Boyfriend Scenarios

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Lifelaughmusic By Lifelaughmusic Updated Aug 21

How you meet


You had gotten news from the Queen that you were supposed to work together with her guard dog Ciel Phantomhive, so you made your way over to his manor. You really didn't know what to expect because you had only heard things about him like he didn't show any emotions. So when you arrived and kinda barged into his office, it surprised you that he yelled at Sebastian for letting you barge in. What a great first expression.


While Sebastian was in town to get some things done for Ciel, he saw a kitty. When he followed it, he found you sitting in an alley surrounded by multiple kittens. "Well ma'am I have to say, you're quite loved by cats". You looked up at him "yeah I love them and they love me". You guys talked a few minutes about cats until he had to leave, leaving you with a wish to see him again.


You had gotten lost and it started raining really hard. You kept walking and somehow ended up at the Trancy manor. When you knocked, Claude opened an...

Ohh what you dreaming about (f/n)...... Are you fantasizing..... I know I would
Isn't the thing Alois yelled part of a comic dub by UndertalePeasant?
2pOklahoma 2pOklahoma Oct 24
My Sis-*looks at Alois* I feel sorry for your future girlfriend. WAIT! You wont even get one cos you're just too whiny!
                              Me- *le gasp* WHAT!?!? How DARE you insult my baby!
I seriously screamed "GUESS WHOS BACK?! BACK AGAIN?!" when Alois came back xD
KiwiMLP13 KiwiMLP13 Nov 14
Beautiful lady? Yeah right. 🎶I don't think you're ready for this jelly cause my body's to bootylicious🎶
ForeverLaidy ForeverLaidy Nov 12, 2015
Please update I can't wait and I think it would be awesome if you added Soma and Agni but they are
                              Re just suggestions and after you do a when they ask you out you should do a they get jealous but I'm just throwing out suggestions