"She left You a story." (A short Len x Miku Story)

"She left You a story." (A short Len x Miku Story)

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Luna at It's Finest By DarkSkyLuna Updated Aug 02, 2018

|| Teto Kasane Kagamine's P.O.V / Age 8 years old ||

"Alright everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day, remember." Mrs.Shion explained, "Your Mother's Day project is due by Tomorrow !".

As every little girls and boys all bowed and filed out. I was staring out the window. It was a clear day. I wasn't feeling up to it, and I didn't even have any energy to go home.

Mrs. Shion walked up to me, snapping her fingers once to catch my attention. "Teto, Teto?" She said. I finally looked up with wide eyes and blinked. Ah, I was daydreaming again. 

"Yes, Mrs. Shion?" I replied confusingly. I didn't pay attention to anything at all this morning. Nor did eat anything, dad said I became too skinny. Isn't that what many want?

She smiles and gives a lightly laugh. "You're just like your mother-" she stopped and shook her head. "Sorry dear, I couldn't help but to bring myself up." She smiles all sad like. She, she knew my mom? My mother? "Mrs. Shion? You knew my mother? " I asked.

She smi...

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