Yes to the Dare

Yes to the Dare

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Hanhan Nguyen By HanhanNguyen98 Updated Apr 24

ღ "You're strange, Miller. A good strange, and I like that." ღ

Allie Miller was perfectly fine with her normal life. She grew up with friends and family. No stupid jocks, no cheerleaders, no bullying. She was not a nerd or a geek or a loser. Allie was just normal. But when you add a certain complication by the name of Nate Ashton, the normal life she was used to wouldn't exactly be the same again.

What started off as a dare, just turned into something so much more.

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cliche220 cliche220 Jun 26, 2017
Towards the end he will fall for her then find out it was a dare and get mad at her! I just feel that comming already
ruaati ruaati Jan 19, 2017
I like this story already cuz the boys usually do a dare/bet on the girl 🎉🎉🎉
AyleeMcIver AyleeMcIver Mar 07, 2017
Can I just say this is litterally me my name is aylee McIver and my boyfriends name is Nick Ashton omg lmao my sister is also 3 years younger than me haha this is so weird also I don't look any think like her haha
- - Mar 24, 2016
The trailer damn but I'm gonna imagine  the girl as barbara palvin
MariaMaldonado075 MariaMaldonado075 Mar 08, 2016
Omg this trailer is the best one i ever seem people made. It was mind blown af lol.💗💓❤👌👏✌😄😊😀
itsnotweirdtobeweird itsnotweirdtobeweird Jul 25, 2016
Just because someone dares you to do something doesn't mean you have to do it...