twilight ( bellas story! ,but with a  new cullen)

twilight ( bellas story! ,but with a new cullen)

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Sam By Samantha87 Updated Jul 07, 2011

so if you read twilight you know what it is about, so its pree much the same, but with a new cullen named Sammy, shes the 2 most powerfull female vampire out there, shes has alot of weird powers and a horrible past, youll get to see bella and edward and the other cullens, there going to be  chapter on Samantha, it will be about her past and why shes like these when you first meet her, please please keep an open mind of this book and PLEASE commant, my last storys dont get any commants so i dont know if you like what im writing, so please commant, tell me what you think, what i should chage or add, if you dont want to post a commant on the story messgae me or put it on my wall thingy, anyway for my safty im putting ALL COPY WRITES GO 2 THE TRUE OWNER OF THIS BOOK,

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Lots_O_Lovely Lots_O_Lovely Jan 02, 2016
Love the story. Please try to check the words the spell check is correcting some of them don't make sense but it's easy to figure out what it's supposed to say
Samantha87 Samantha87 Jul 21, 2011
@nomnomroar I'm sorry, your right. Your comment wasn't rude at all now that I think about, thank you for telling your thoughts on the story! If there's anything I can change about it please tell me.
Iamjustmyself Iamjustmyself Jul 20, 2011
Ok so first victoria wouldn't be your sister second you only get ONE special power third that wasn't even a story forth it had nothing to do with Edward and bella I didn't like it
nomnomroar nomnomroar Jul 15, 2011
no it not rude. the comments are for your opinion about the story. that is my opinion. your gonna get some good and bad comments.
Samantha87 Samantha87 Jul 15, 2011
@nomnomroar then why did you comment? thats a rude comment dont you think?