He's Back

He's Back

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✨Demy✨ By nutellaaddict04 Updated Jun 20

''Tell me you're not dumb enough to think I'm going to let you go out with that scum'' he basically growled, his hands trapping me between him and the wall. 

''Y-You can't t-tell me who to date. You left me alone for t-three whole years'' I said, my voice trembling from how close we were. He chuckled and looked from eyes to my lips, smirking. 

''But now I'm back, baby''
He's back. Her best friend but also her biggest enemy, Aiden. They grew up together, with the promise that they'd never leave each other's side. Partners in crime, like everyone called them. That was until Aiden left, leaving behind no clues that he ever existed at all, giving no explanation as to why he had to leave. 'I'll never let him in my life again'' Evelyn told herself then. Little did she know he'd make his way in and not only would she let him in her life again, but she'd be the one holding the doors open.

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