He is different. (Exo Kai){COMPLETED}

He is different. (Exo Kai){COMPLETED}

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Anastasia_Bk By AnsbkGc Completed

A girl who is afraid of men after an incident which occurred some years ago.A guy who seems different than the others.Will this encounter change her?

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xm_bts xm_bts Oct 05, 2016
hello,i wont to ask you if i can translate your novel [exo kai, he is different ] to Arabic language and i well but all your right sure .
                              thank you
SaraJeridii SaraJeridii Jun 12, 2015
the name elenari riminds me of the vampire diaries ♡ i love her and the name
SaraJeridii SaraJeridii Jun 12, 2015
Is the rich beast ahahaha XD suho?? are exo the beasts here that want sex and are like that?  are tneythe ones who did that to her?
AnsbkGc AnsbkGc May 11, 2015
@WindaYusuf I'm sorry I can't understand this language dear..><
AnsbkGc AnsbkGc Apr 04, 2015
@MyCute_12Wolves Oh dear the rich guy is some random student in school.I intentionally don't give him a certain name hehe^__^
MyCute_12Wolves MyCute_12Wolves Apr 04, 2015
Uhm............ I have a question, who is the rich guy? Is he a member of EXO? What is his name? Is he Chanyeol? Is that guy named Chanyeol? I'm curios ! I thought that it was Kai! Please answer me...