Chained bloodlines

Chained bloodlines

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Zan :) By _Zanjero_ Updated Feb 06

It was hopeless in Tamika's eyes. Her past practically said it all. 

At least she thought it was hopeless. 

But then, they came. 

Then, then the sun came and showed her the light, he showed her that there truly was hope. He shined the light down on her past. A blossom arrived and brought her a sense of security in this harsh world. The darkness came and protected her from the terrors. The oh so harsh terrors of the world. The lightning bolt came and raised her. He showed her the true meaning of the word 'comrade'. 

Then she broke. She spilled it all. The past. 

Something she vowed to never speak of. 

The sun never shined all that brightly. He was full of surprises from the day she met him. Tamika hated him too, he was a prisoner like her. A weapon to be used in a time for war, yet be always had that stupid smile on his face. But something about that smile always gave Tamika a sense of hope even when everything was lost. He was the sun. 

A flower bloomed beside her. It was stepped on, burned, torn to shreds, but it still bloomed. Tamika never paid her any mind until she saw what she could become. A beautiful cherry blossom. She gave Tamika a sense of purpose. Protect the blossom and help her grow. She was the flower. 

Hatred. An avenger. Tamika understood him well. They weren't close by any means, but they lived through it. The harshness of being alone, no one to watch your back. But when they met, it was almost like a click. Give him light, show him the way to a new beginning. Protect Tamika, he thought to himself, she is the future of this generation. He was the darkness. 

Grief. Oh how much grief he carried, but it was hidden. Hidden so well that Tamika almost didn't recognize it. Even if he grieved and yearned for the past to be reversed, he still fought valiantly like the final strike of a lightning bolt. When Tamika was alone he raised her. Even if the sky and the lightning fought they still stood side by side. He was the lightning.