✘ "You have a new match!" [Riren] [R-18] ✘

✘ "You have a new match!" [Riren] [R-18] ✘

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//Where dating apps and the process of falling in love meets (sugar) daddy kinks, BDSM and just a lot of aggressive, dirty sex//

Way too many sex-less months have gone by in Levi's life, and this makes him even crankier than usual... or at least that's Hange's theory. So she decides to be helpful and creates a dating app profile in his name.

"I'm very gay, very short and very angry. But don't let that scare you off, because I have a big and splendid cock and rumor has it that I'm at least decent in bed, which honestly is more than you can expect from most people nowadays~

Btw I'm also too old and cranky to try dating apps myself so I might be unaware for now of that my fabulous friend manages this thing for me!"

Eren's face shifted into one of amused interest as he read the short and very odd bio.
Intrigued, he swiped right.

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