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Non of your beez-wax stalker! By TheSpiritOfLove Completed

I’m mute. Oh no, don’t get me wrong; I’m not mute because I CAN’T speak, I’m mute because I WON’T speak. I’m the girl that never talks. The girl you make fun of behind her back and in front of her… just because you’re sure that she will never answer back. I’m the girl that doesn’t fit into any group at school. I’m the girl that is ignored. At home just as well as at school. I have lots to say but am too scared to say it. I keep my head down and express my feeling through my Art, songs, violin and guitar. I write my thoughts on diaries that I keep locked away in a little case. I am Mute Girl. Also known as Patricia. 

Patricia's too afraid to say anything to anyone. Even talk in general. So when she meet cheeky boyband One Direction, she don't talk. But they witness her getting bullied and she is forced to open up to them. Just her 'bullying problem' at first. she doesn't in the start. When she does though, it eventually leads to them wanting to know more about her past. Like why she doesn't talk. But does she trust them enough to tell them? And what if three of them start to like her. Is it possible that her life could get more twisted and filled with hate? SEQUEL IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Imnbdyimportant Imnbdyimportant Jan 29, 2016
Holy crap the sound of that song is amazing. Its better then spotify
V_the_Cat V_the_Cat Jun 09, 2016
Lol. I was playing my playlist in the background and it went to the song that fits perfectly to this.
                              You're worth it -Cimorelli
ADreamlessGirl ADreamlessGirl Sep 25, 2016
Legit the way I remember people. She has red hair, he has a pointy nose, she talks like thoise....
TheLoneWhiteWolfx TheLoneWhiteWolfx Sep 03, 2016
It looks like a smaller version of Chewbaka that walks on 4 legs instead of 2 😂
SupremeFangirl5 SupremeFangirl5 Dec 19, 2015
that shall be Salazar the fierce, Chicken the hero, and Leonardo the ninja turtle
SupremeFangirl5 SupremeFangirl5 Dec 19, 2015
they shall be called Meredith the brave, Gwen the fair, and Sirius the prankster