Angel With A Shotgun [Levi Ackerman x OC] / Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

Angel With A Shotgun [Levi Ackerman x OC] / Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

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The Sanctioned Archangel - a. k. a., Xora Xion, the mysterious agent with a blank past who would do anything for the sake of her Empire. She excels in stealing and espionage, but every field of her known and unknown expertise gets tested when she embarks on a mission that takes place in the grand city of Paris, France. 

There, she 'meets' the legendary man known as Levi, whom happens to know more about Xora than she has knowledge of herself. He is a dangerous man, one whose specialty is to kill and deceive, but she is strangely compelled to him, tempted to breach her own limits to understand a man like he.

Levi is hiding something, something crucial that Xora MUST find out, but he isn't willing to tell. His lips are sealed, and she must find some way to infiltrate the labyrinth of his mind. Not only that, it seems that their mission may not be their first time ever meeting...

...but it may be their last.

Follow along as Xora Xion learns what it means to live, and to love, starting with a shrouded past only to blossom into a vibrant future.

Disclaimer: I do not own SnK/ AoT in any way, only the plot and my OC are mine. All rights go to Hajime Isayama. Also, the cover art is not mine, I simply edited it! c:

JustHayden JustHayden Jul 07, 2016
I did something like this before! 
                              I mean I was five and I was just hopping from rug to rug but that still took some serious skill.
I love that song AND the nightcore version! I'm excited to read your story!
oODiddlyDarnOo oODiddlyDarnOo Jul 01, 2016
Aye, I've been in a room such as that just for funzies. I almost died but it was worth it. :3
merp4578 merp4578 Aug 24, 2016
How'd you make the trailer? How did you get the clips to do it? I'm asking because I would LOVE to make a trailer for my Fanfiction! I really hope you can tell me, thanks!
oODiddlyDarnOo oODiddlyDarnOo Jul 01, 2016
The longest I've heard my breath was 5 minutes and 22 foot was caught on a rock 15 feet underwater (I'm such an idiot) XD
helluciel helluciel Apr 22, 2016