That Alpha [Jikook] • {ON HOLD}

That Alpha [Jikook] • {ON HOLD}

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AlwaysYou🔱 By ELFerrer_9597 Updated Dec 24, 2018

In which Park Jimin wants to be an omega just to be with Jeon Jungkook, the so-called alpha who turned out to be an omega.

"You're an omega?!"

Fluff (80%)
Angst (20%)
Smut (90%)
Abuse (5%)
Self harm (5%)

JIKOOK (obviously...200%)
YoonTaeSeok (top! Yoongi, bottoms!Tae and Hobi(beta).)

The reader/s(male reader and female reader) will be included in this fan fiction as Park Ji Ah(Jimin's younger sister). You'll be paired to BTOB's Yook Sungjae. (Jimin's younger sister) and if your a boy your name will be Park Jihyun (Jimin's youngest brother.. a gay or bi, who ships jikook, namjin, yoontaeseok and others). Male reader will be paired to 7teen's Jun

I hope you'll enjoy this too😉😅

(Ps. I changed the description, mostly on the sister/brother part because it's hard to edit and think about how will I write smut if it's sister/brother.. Ya don't get it? Ok.)

Published: 08/20/18
Ended: ???


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