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journey By iamjourneygrace Completed

Justin Bieber has a rare type of Autism that makes him vulnerable and childlike. He hasn't experienced too much in his twenty years of life, but he wants to be normal. He wants to fall in love, and have a family. He can't do that with his severe case of Autism. So he decides to fight. Fight this disease that's hindering him. And with the help of a young lady by the name of Lyiah Renae Banks he fights... And in the process fall in love.

Yesssss favorite book already ❤💯✨💁🏽💪🏾🔥
Theres no "rare" autism, its just autism. And its all unique, non of the pepole with it ( including myself) are the same
rauhlalax rauhlalax Jan 15
First time reader, so no spoilers or I swear I'll cut a bïtch.
DoMae13 DoMae13 Feb 18
I really felt my eyes watering when I read the "no one likes me" GVDHFGBLKFD