Living In A Dream - A Naruto Fan Fiction

Living In A Dream - A Naruto Fan Fiction

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hermajestyarrived By MinervaHatake Updated Aug 19, 2020

*~Updates are recent but not daily~* 

My life was pretty normal back then. I had caring parents, a funny big brother. My academics weren't for valedictorian but I could handle school pretty well. I was just a pre-teen that liked Anime.

But all of that is in the past now. My life didn't change because of an accident whatsoever. I just fell asleep in the mid of rewatching Yuri on Ice and then, bam! I was in the middle of nowhere laying on the ground. I thought my life would end back then, but I guess The Almighty had other plans for me.

I was privileged to do something that only I can do, but I didn't really feel that excited. 

I thought I was going into the portal where everyone is obsessed with people on the ice, a protagonist who wants to be a pork cutlet bowl and a coach who shines brighter than his student...

It would be very weird, but I didn't go to that place. Instead, I went to a dimension where killing is legal, a protagonist who is permanently hyperactive and has a huge murderous fox inside him, a pink-haired girl obsessed with a boy whose hair is shaped like a duck's bum and a perverted teacher reading sexual books 24/7

Oh, I can't explain the whole story here so read with me and let's discover the crazy ideas that the author have for this story.