Black Butler x Isolated!Male!Reader

Black Butler x Isolated!Male!Reader

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Calaverite By Calaverite Updated Dec 07, 2015

             Water soaked through the roof and onto the hardwood floor. With a constant drip.. drip.. drip... (y/n) turned to look through where the rain had leaked in.

                  Quick footsteps quickly approached his bedroom and his mother flung the door open with wide eyes the size of saucers. She quickly turned to look over her shoulder and screamed. A bronze statue collided with her head with a sickening crack. She immediately fell to the floor, and (Y/N)'s father was standing over her body. He was panting, obviously had been running through their whole house. He turned to the young boy sitting on his bed and smiled, "(Y/N)," he croaked. "Mommy's been bad, so I had to make her go to sleep, okay?" (Y/N) seemed indifferent to the scene that played out, "Is she going to be okay?" He had seen his father beat his mother many times before so he wasn't shocked.

                His father smiled and said in a sickly sweet tone, "Why yes, (Y/N), she's going to be... just.... fine....

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did my eyes come white from the lack on sunlight?!? xD jk jk. 
                              Brown eyes and brown hair.
corinneaf corinneaf Sep 07
This actually looks like something one of my half brothers would do, well now I'm scared for life.
Janice-Bludlust Janice-Bludlust Aug 31, 2016
Well Jake's  eye color is sapphire blue, hair is midnight black, and his skin is normally deathly pale
My dads name is gonna be Jeff now and his worldwide name will be Jeff the Killer.....
Akira_MJ Akira_MJ Jan 15
This sorta reminds me of that one scene from nightmare on Elm street
SamanthaPaez8 SamanthaPaez8 Dec 24, 2015
The eye color should be red and hair color could be dark blue plus name is Jaden.