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Nerd Undercover

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ar0844 By ar0844 Updated Mar 13, 2015

The name is Riley Evans. But to some its Razor. 

Riley Evans is not your typical teenager. Maybe to everyone else she is but everyone has their flaws. When Riley was just 10 years old her father taught her how to fight; how to protect herself..and others. Using her abilities she goes out on the streets of Chicago being as you might say a hero. But there's a catch. No one knows this mysterious person who beats people up and sends them to jail. Who doesnt cause the fighting but actually tries to stop it. The only name they know her by is Razor. They dont know what she looks like, how old she is, or her real identity. Just Razor. 

But what happens when a star football player and her get teamed up for an English project? What happens when secrets she never knew are revealed? What happens when her family's past comes back to haunt her?

sassykat1127 sassykat1127 2 days ago
Walking round with my head down but I can't hide with these high heels on.
kaylah265 kaylah265 Jun 11
While I was reading this I thought of " this is a story al about..." from fresh prince of bell air.
Itsjailaa Itsjailaa Jul 17
*thinks about seagulls from finding nemo*
                              * goes to yell mine but remembers she has company*
Team10-Dolantwins Team10-Dolantwins 6 days ago
Please don't hate me but I don't recall so I'm just gonne imagine a wardrobe that has a white door to enter it and theirs steps behind the clothes which lead down to a elevator 😬
I'm sorry but is the whole "i" thing not bothering anyone else? Like I just want to capitalize all of them. Lol