Breathe In (BoyxBoy)

Breathe In (BoyxBoy)

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Some days... you just have to let go.

Stiles didn't have a terrible life, he knew that... but his life wasn't necessarily great either. Between having to do so much for Scott's sake, including getting hit, scratched, mentally scarred, and not to mention pretending to be happy all the time in order to shine some light in his friends life, he also had serious self esteem issues. He was still drowning in the fact that he was utterly pathetic and had to watch his friends get hurt time and time again while just sitting on the sidelines like a guilty body of breakable glass. He might as well be eating popcorn and lounging... all he could do was watch.

He knew that he was going to break down, so he just decided not to go to school that day. School break downs were always the worst... everyone watching you as you try to figure out how you can erase yourself from the classroom, from the world, and especially from the peering eyes that refuse to look away, containing mazes of mystery as he wou...

That's sadly true most of the time. Only when stiles really starts to show it does Scott even notice, but when Scott is upset stiles is always there
Okay it's definitely isn't creepy if you sniffed Derek's jacket. Cause I probably would have 😂😂
gooby617 gooby617 Nov 04, 2016
Boi you have the balls to judge someone when they don't wear a shirt
Says the person that when they "wolf-out", and then turn back human they're naked