strange love - n.h.

strange love - n.h.

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nessie//louise By arietem Completed

Molly Winter is working hard to earn money for her art studies. Even with her troubled family and dark future prospects she stays optimistic. One very early foggy morning in London everything changes.  

 Her path of life crosses the Irish boy band member Niall Horan's, who seems to be her very own 'Irish Guardian Angel'. As she discovers, he is in fact a world-known celebrity, her life will never be the same.  

This is a story of one's destiny, facing true love, keeping secrets and overcoming tough times in life.   

All Rights Reserved 2012  
© arietem     

[please bear over with me - this story was the first I ever wrote...]

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horan-hearted horan-hearted Aug 10, 2017
I'm confuzzled, everything happened so fast and there was so much detail, and and- *brain dead*
LailahIsChill_ LailahIsChill_ Dec 18, 2015
You can't get promoted to what you already are Niall duhhh ;|
3-2direction 3-2direction Jul 18, 2015
Wait guys is the character list wrong cause Sophie is Adriana Lima but like Molly has dark brown waves and green eyes like Adriana .. ??
Beautiful_username Beautiful_username Jul 02, 2015
I should use this if i ever see a celeb on the street or in a resturant or such haha
radalpaca radalpaca Oct 02, 2014
I like my men like I like my tea. Hot and British with some Irish cream
1Dwriterxo 1Dwriterxo Aug 04, 2014
it would be awesome if you checked out my niall horan love story