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Gorillo1 By Gorillo1 Updated Jul 29, 2013

Cody was Just a average day, high school senior until the day while walking home on the night before his eighteenth birthday his was attacked by a demon but before he was killed another winged Creature appears and swiftly kills the creature. The creature tells Cody to get on it back as it flys to an abandon warehouse. Cody asks the creature what what was the but all the creature can get out is that it was one of your brother minions as Cody fall to the ground in pain as the time. As the time turn to Midnight making Cody 18.

EllesBells92 EllesBells92 Dec 05, 2012
this is really interestingly written, i have never come across something like this, really effective, I like it :) good job.
TheUltimateFatMan TheUltimateFatMan Sep 30, 2012
I love the effect you put on past and present. it makes the whole story interweave like a spiderweb! fantastic job! i'm gonna save this!
Biminimary Biminimary Sep 12, 2012
It kind of remind me of spiderman when the school bus let him too. I like it, maybe if you divided into small paragraph will be better but other than that off to part 2.... ;)
Love_countdown Love_countdown Sep 11, 2012
Very cliche, but I'm gonna read on because I kinda want to know more...
Abbzygail Abbzygail Aug 08, 2012
The spacing is weird o.O its good though, even though its short... I like the 3rd person
InThisCrazyWorld InThisCrazyWorld Jul 10, 2012
I like it, really good plot though the grammar is a little off over all its good il continue to read it later :)