Sweet Boy | Man x Boy {Mature Content}

Sweet Boy | Man x Boy {Mature Content}

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He'd heard rumors about him, the youngest of the McGlee brother's and for the most part, he ignored them. Harris McGlee was Kade's close friend and he had no desire to get involved with the messy family drama Daniel seemed to bring about. Kade Lucas tended to be what one would consider a straight shooter or in laymen's terms boring. And outside of his one interesting hobby of his MMA gym membership, he was fine with that.

Arrogant, flamboyant and far to wild to be concerned about his parent's constant threats of disownment. When faced with the too attractive to be that serious man that is Kade Lucas it's more than obvious Daniel didn't expect to find a boring guy like Kade so interesting. Not that Kade wants anything to do with him.

But when curiosity refused to play with the cat its a long game of trap the mouse

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