No matter what (Phan)

No matter what (Phan)

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Oliver By MintyTeaMint Completed

(EDIT: okay I'm writing this long after this fic ended just to say yes, it's shit and I really hate it but I don't think I'll delete it. Okay, just wanted to warn whoever is reading this, it's really bad. Also, the author's notes are terribly cringey and embarrassing everything about this fic is tbh)


I woke up on Monday, the first day of school, as unenthusiastic as possible. I really don't like school. Not because of learning, but mostly because of the idiots who attend it and the teachers who obviously didn't even give a crap if we actually learn something or not. I looked at my clock. I was late, as usual. I put on the first thing that came under my hand and ate in a hurry, then straightened my hair. I rushed out of the house, dad was still asleep and mum was on some kind of a business trip. I came to school and rushed into the history classroom as Mrs. Jackson, the teacher, was just reading the school rules again.

"How nice of you to join us, Howell", Mrs. Jackson said vicio...

    It's cool, your profile pic is Ryan Ross so you can do no wrong obviously
    Well idk if she's nasty, but she got a nasty personality for sure
    _Pegacorn_ _Pegacorn_ Jul 01
    Do you know how many phanfics ive read where theres a teacher called ms jackson omg
    My dance teacher last year was a jerk and when my friend couldn't do this weird spin thing into a split she said "suck it up stop being a wuss" so we told the owner of our dance place and she was fired
    hxylxyy hxylxyy Jul 27
    Well I'm so desperate for books I haven't read yet that I'll deal