No matter what (Phan)

No matter what (Phan)

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Oliver By MintyTeaMint Completed

(EDIT: okay I'm writing this long after this fic ended just to say yes, it's shit and I really hate it but I don't think I'll delete it. Okay, just wanted to warn whoever is reading this, it's really bad. Also, the author's notes are terribly cringey and embarrassing everything about this fic is tbh)


I woke up on Monday, the first day of school, as unenthusiastic as possible. I really don't like school. Not because of learning, but mostly because of the idiots who attend it and the teachers who obviously didn't even give a crap if we actually learn something or not. I looked at my clock. I was late, as usual. I put on the first thing that came under my hand and ate in a hurry, then straightened my hair. I rushed out of the house, dad was still asleep and mum was on some kind of a business trip. I came to school and rushed into the history classroom as Mrs. Jackson, the teacher, was just reading the school rules again.

"How nice of you to join us, Howell", Mrs. Jackson said vicio...

AlwaysF1 AlwaysF1 Jun 20, 2016
If she is your neighbour who brings you cookies, I bet the cookies are poisoned...
We have a music teacher at school called miss . Jackson so I go on my phone to listen to the song
Phantrash1403 Phantrash1403 Nov 30, 2016
                              I was sitting with my 2 friends once and all the popular people where on the opposite side of the room and a boy came over and asked to borrow the Empty chair next to me and I said "sure no one was gonna sit it anyways" I burst out laughing and he gave me a slightly pitiful awkward look
halopie halopie Oct 24, 2016
Crawling out the back door didn't leave a mark no one knows it's you MISS JACKSON
deliaisbetterthanu deliaisbetterthanu Jul 23, 2016
I just realized that my second grade teacher's name's Mrs Jackson😂
The1AndOnlyTrashCan The1AndOnlyTrashCan Sep 30, 2016
My history teacher hates me and and she looks like this??????? Except her hair is straight