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"You Rejected Me and Now Im A Dancer"

"You Rejected Me and Now Im A Dancer"

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Wislene By Unknowndiva Completed

I knew those 3 words were coming, and I prepared myself for it....So I whispered "You're my mate" The whole school froze and turned towards us because this was a werewolf school and even though I whispered it, it was like a bomb for their ears. I cringed, waiting for it in 3.....2.....

"Mate....MATE! I'm your fucking mate, you delusional whore!?!! I am not your fucking mate, You don't have a mate, I wouldn't be surprised if you were in the basement playing with yourself wishing you had a fucking mate you despicable sight for sore eyes" He kept ranting and I stared up at him then did the unexpected, I went on my tippy toes and kissed him and after he while he  started kissing back also and then I pulled away and round house kicked him in the face. I smirked since my wolf was heartbroken she covered up and whispered "That look like it hurt" I whispered back "I done my job"
My heart turned hard as stone and I walked away smirking, 
I'm finally fucking out of this hellhole.....

I know this may seem really picky but if you put a space at the beginning of every sentence it changes the appearance of the whole piece . The chapter it self is really good though. Like I said, I'm just a bit picky
madaboutb00ks madaboutb00ks Nov 26, 2016
It's actually UPstairs beacuse she lives in the basement
                              Just wanted to clarify that part😊 
                              Enjoying the book so far!!!
Everyone here is commenting on hight and im here like : SHE KICKED HIS ARSE
Adshake Adshake Dec 27, 2016
Why is everyone concerned about the height and not hyped about the part that she whooped his butt?
IngridBladt IngridBladt Jun 16, 2013
It is reeeeaaaaly good! write some more, please! i will be there all the way reading it! just keep going!
UnicornBunnyNinja UnicornBunnyNinja Jun 16, 2013
@Unicornbunny wait pfft Sorry try to do them like the second one and if you have too only slightly larger then the third! I LOVE YOUR WRITING THOUGH