Crimson Red

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Claudia By CarolinaV Updated 5 years ago
What is a person? And what is the mind? What is the mind capable of? This short story is about  a girl who experiences the darker sides of the human mind. Whether it ends well for her or not, you ask? That, you have to find out for yourself.
I think im in love with the presentation and the intro-outro paradox
Wow, all of your stuff I've read so far make you think of life in a different way. It's really fun to see our world differently :D I love the complex writing you use.
Creepers!! That was awesome! My favorite part was the hearts and their last beats. Truly disgusting and loads of horror. 
@CarolinaV Ah yes, it's a little more clear now. Split personailites right? Still, paranormal or not it's a brilliant story : )
wow. Just. wow.
                                    Slightly gory at the end, lol. But I loved the bit where she was like, i caught sight of myself in the large mirror on the wall.... only that... i dont have a mirror there. LOVE IT.
                                    its sad she had to die tho, and her family =(
Well wow! It was amazing! I was scared, confused, surprised and completely shocked! Loved it :D