Restricted Chapter of Hunter

Restricted Chapter of Hunter

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D.M. Emerald By LovelyWriter123 Updated Jun 25, 2012

Restricted Chapter

Aubrey's POV 

 "I'm all yours." I replied happily as he set me down on his bed with a hungry look in his eye

Kicking the door shut he bent down capturing my mouth with his as he rested his forearms on either side of my body. Giving into the overwhelming desire I kissed him back with my own demanding need.

I am his now and no one can change that, I thought happily. 

Pushing everything that has happened recently out of my head I only thought of Hunter and the burning need he created with in me. 

"I want to taste you." he muttered against my lips before parting them with his own

  I whimpered as his tongue flicked mine before drawing small circles on it. With a mind of their own my hands rubbed his strong forearms slowly making their way up to his round, broad shoulders.

My wicked hands continued up to his neck twirling the small hairs with my index finger before burying my hands into his soft hair. I ran the tips of my fingers through his scalp in a massage-lik...

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