Aquaphobia (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Fan Fiction)

Aquaphobia (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Fan Fiction)

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Katsu By SleepyNinjaa Completed

[2nd place in FWA 2014]

Misaki Namikaze. This is my name. 
Aquaphobia. This is my fear.

Living a life full of worry and fear for the water is tough for Misaki. She and her grandparents leave Tokyo and are moving in a small village of the suburbs of Japan. Misaki likes her new house-- away from the usual routine, past life and nightmares which were bothering her every night. 

When she meets her new neighbor, Makoto Tachibana, she tries to accept him as a friend- as the first friend she ever had in her entire life. But, when she gets to know him better, she gets involved with the worst nightmare of all. Water.

Will Makoto help her fight back her fear or he will fail and push away his well-hidden feelings towards her?

✿ First and final book ✿
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_TheForeverFlatGirl_ _TheForeverFlatGirl_ Jul 16, 2016
pierceallstorms pierceallstorms Sep 21, 2016
lol that kinda means you love everybody in a way where you're willing to marry then
pierceallstorms pierceallstorms Sep 21, 2016
Guys in high school (trust me I know that many of you are 7th and 8th graders, I was one too), DON'T TALK TO ANYBODY. EVERYBODY IS A BITCH IN HIGH SCHOOL. MY TENNIS TEAM OF 10 PEOPLE IS NOT EVEN TRUSTWORTHY. PLEASE. TAKE ADVICE FROM ME.
LawlietsCheesecake LawlietsCheesecake Mar 27, 2016
I-I dont wanna be rude but. Isn't it hydraphobia? I'm sowwy I just
xXNerdasaurus01Xx xXNerdasaurus01Xx Oct 16, 2016
Why not have friends? They are all b-
                              Why have true friends? Because you need them, baka!
ChasingMissfortune ChasingMissfortune Aug 04, 2016
I'm so tired that I completely missed her name, and thought "Aquaphobia is her name... what a weird name" I need sleep.