The Mere-luna✔(Featured)

The Mere-luna✔(Featured)

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Esther somoye By Momma-luna Updated Oct 02, 2018

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She is a young girl,who loves school and has little crushes 
Soon teenagers gets missing and she soon got involved which caused the unveiling of some hidden secrets and birth of new dangers. Things get kinda complicated and the people she loves are all in danger.

Being a Luna with so many powers that she herself doesn't know she posses, she becomes the prey of the twins.

Most especially the one who wants to use her to sustain his life span and the other inflict pain on her.

RAYrayPowell RAYrayPowell Sep 16, 2018
Christian and Kirsten are going to be my favorite characters I can just tell
darah-roselle darah-roselle Aug 29, 2018
I have so many questions! Wow! What is she?! Why does he have red eyes? 👀👀
Niella_xx Niella_xx Aug 29, 2018
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Sass1ee Sass1ee Aug 05, 2018
It’s definitely a combination of mermaids and werewolves, that’s for sure!
HacktivistJorDun HacktivistJorDun Aug 06, 2018
                              Not mere
                              Sorry O-O