STRANDED  ( Niall Horan )

STRANDED ( Niall Horan )

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Stranded on an island with the famous Niall Horan was every girl's dream right? Not for Taarika Hayden.
After her plane crashes on a deserted island she realizes along with her there's another person who survived - Niall Horan - the one she despised.
How she wanted to kill herself there and then but then she thought about it. She had been thrown on an island with Niall Horan, it had to mean something right?

Boy, did it mean something.


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Cover by @xoxo_aashleighh_xoxo

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niall_horan_smiles niall_horan_smiles Dec 06, 2014
@KeepCalmNLove1D and I hope this doesn't disappoint you, please do tell me what you think about it as you read, it would be much appreciated x
KeepCalmNLove1D KeepCalmNLove1D Dec 06, 2014
@niall_horan_smiles you're welcome! :) I'm so excited to read this. I just know it's going to be great! x
niall_horan_smiles niall_horan_smiles Dec 06, 2014
@KeepCalmNLove1D thank you so much! I hope you enjoy your read x
niall_horan_smiles niall_horan_smiles Aug 07, 2014
@fanficteller screw wp to report your comment ( I don't even know why that happened ) Okay moving on, Thankyou so much for your comment, I assure you Taarika won't kill herself or who knows she may, gah anyhoo thanks really x
niall_horan_smiles niall_horan_smiles Jul 29, 2014
@xoxo_aashleighh_xoxo ILYMORE! <3 Thanks for such a beautiful cover and for all your support! Amazing friend AND a writer you are btw! :D
xoxo_aashleighh_xoxo xoxo_aashleighh_xoxo Jul 29, 2014
THANK YOU so much for the dedication. ILYSFM!!!! xx <3 Amazing writer btw!! :D