Love You, My Kidnapper

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Jacey L. By WriterWannabeZOMG Completed
Collette Santos has always led a good life. She has amazing friends and loving parents. But one night, she is kidnapped by a brown eye dark haired stranger and brought to a paradise island where she is treated more like a guest than a victim. She soon discovers that there's a secret her father has been hiding for years. And to make matters worse, she begins to fall in love with her captor, but as she spends more time with him, she begins to doubt her feelings, blaming them on Stockholm syndrome. When Collette finds herself drawn closer to her kidnapper they're pushed apart by an unexpected event. Will Collette find her way back to the person who's stolen her heart, or will fate prevent it from happening?
    Awesome Trailer by PrettyFrickinLiars
Omg! This chapter brought a tiny tear in my eye :'( 
                                    It was really well written.... And it's also a very different story as compared to the other Romance stories.... 
                                    Well done! Added it to my reading list :)
This chapter made me very teary. This is such a dramatic irony. Poor Byron! He didn't deserve to die. :'(
I liked your dialogues a lot. They flowed smoothly! And I also appreciate the way there are less dialogues for Bryon. It is a very good way to intrigue the readers with his character!
                                    You are an amazing writer
                                    I am hooked :)
Great start(: I like darker romance too, so this is a perfect read for me. Update soon!
OH! That was so sad! I am definitely going to have to add this story to my library so that I can read more! It was really good and intense. Nice job.
This definitely caught my attention :D I've heard and seen so many stories where the girl falls in love with her captor, but I'm so hoping your story will be different, cuz I have to say that I already Love it :D Can't wait to keep reading more :) Oh, and sorry for the late comment. I'm slow lol