I Walk My Own Way (Marshall Lee x reader x Prince Gumball)

I Walk My Own Way (Marshall Lee x reader x Prince Gumball)

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xImperfectxPunkx By xImperfectxPunkx Updated May 22, 2014

Your P.O.V.

*Sigh* I'm here sitting at his kitchen table waiting. Me and Gumball have been dating for about 2 months. We have been going out together, hanging together, ate together, even fell asleep together. But he has been getting later and later for our dates. I'm getting annoyed. I ignored it the first 2 times it happened but it has been getting ridiculous. I cancled and jam out session with Marshall Lee to go on dates with Prince Gumball. I even cancled a mission to fight the evil Ice Queen with Fionna and Cake. Not only that. I even cancled going to my friends party bash just because Prince Gumball wanted to see a movie. I 'm losing my temper. I tap my fingers on the table waiting and waiting. Peppermint Maid came by and asked if I wanted anything. I just say a glass of water would be nice but honestly I wanted Gumball to hurry his butt up! She comes back with my glass of water. I say thank you. She bows and walks away.

I'm tapping my fingers in a rhythm where I started to get...

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Buddy_mar Buddy_mar Jul 10, 2017
I'm srry but gumball acts like a total girly girl, in my opinion
BestfrensWithMyGuns BestfrensWithMyGuns Jul 26, 2017
When it said 
                              "I have my eyes wide opened" I was like same be cause I did XD
Duchess_Gemstone Duchess_Gemstone Apr 08, 2017
Did Gumball accidentally snort sherbet again?
                              (I'm so sorry. Had to)
RoseEmma1 RoseEmma1 Nov 23, 2016
Um, you didn't even let me answer doofus!
                              Ugh, why did reader decide to go out with you again? And what, was the ring supposed to go on the 'pinky' finger? (Pardon me for my horrible pun)
popbobrob popbobrob Oct 22, 2016
Gumwad, are you really talking about candlesticks??
                              1- Why am I dating you.
                              2- WTF am I doing with my life
                              3- Go get a life
NoodleDoodle09 NoodleDoodle09 Mar 05, 2016
why does everyone make gumball the antagonistic guy? I mean, he seems nice