FAKE LOVE : Everything Just 4 You

FAKE LOVE : Everything Just 4 You

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After few years of their college graduation both phana and wayo where forced to marry because of their family..... so what if phana doesn't love wayo back anymore  just because of what happened in the past, even though  wayo and phana used to love each other wholeheartedly back in the day...? 

Wayo was so in love with phana that he dreamt of a happy ever after when they both got married even tho he knows it may take more time for both of them . But all his dreams were crushed in a few days after marriage as they both moved to Canada, as part of phana's new job as a neuro surgeon in a prestigious hospital. 

Since he was faking everything including their happy life in front of other, just to show his parents & other friends that they are truly happy together, Will phana ever love wayo back or will he dump the person he once loved into the darkness? 

What do you think will happen to them..? Will they end up together or will they walkway from eachother...? 

So this is my second time writing a 
 fan fiction so I'm really looking forward while hopping that each one of you will enjoy reading my story...

4 those who's wondering about my 1st FFC :

LAVENDAIR : My Precious Wayo 

The story is about an unexpected meeting of phana and wayo which leads to their never ending love Story that they got after going thru a lot of struggle & sacrifices 2 win their true love... 

Those who doesn't know about that story, plz go & check it out cause, I will be really happy if you could do that. You can't find that story here in this account because this is my second account, I changed this story to here because I have some problems with that account. 

 I'm not a professional writer so plz correct me if I am wrong. 

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