A Chain Reaction; Moons on the Twist

A Chain Reaction; Moons on the Twist

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Joyiceline Melanie By Joymeljin Completed

What happened in 2moons is a chain reaction. It all started happening when Wayo decided to follow Pana to Kantaphat University. 


What if Wayo gets his heart broken by overhearing Phana's words saying, 'I like girls' on that fateful day he went to confess his feelings? What if his heart is beyond repair? What if he gives up? What if he wants to forget Phana for good? 

As a result;

Yo tries to forget Pha by joining a Fine Arts academy to pursue his singing career.

Ming doesn't apply for Kantaphat university since Yo won't go there and goes to study engineering in a different university. So he doesn't meet Kit.

Forth doesn't get his heart broken by Yo's rejection. Beam doesn't get confused feelings for Kit, because Ming won't be there to flirt with Kit. So, that drunken night between Forth and Beam won't happen.

So where would they be now after 7 years?

What would happen when all these people are thrown in to the mix again after 7 years?

Will the old flames rekindle? 


ChiffonCake owns the characters of this series. My story is inspired by the events happened in 2 moons. This is a fanfiction and I'm just using them for my own amusement and for my readers pleasure.