AAOOOSC! Exposed!

AAOOOSC! Exposed!

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Katt By AShruinger Completed

BREAKING NEWS: The Supernatural Is Now Known To All

The start of the 2018-19 season is unusual, yet thrilling when Kale Clague, a rookie of the Los Angeles Kings and new power player of the Kings, accidentally displays his powers on the ice during a game in front of thousands of live people and millions around the world.

Of course this does not slip by the eyes of the hockey public and the founders, forcing the founders and league rulers of all the other hockey leagues to come together and determine what to do with his major dilemma. They have many options as to what to do with this situation, but their true fear is the public's reaction to the supernatural.

And only to tell the public the truth will determine the true reaction of the public.

Rated PG for rude humour, thematic elements, and mild violence