Abuse, Rejection And Love

Abuse, Rejection And Love

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luna lelo By LunaLelo Updated Aug 25

I looked at his cold expressionless handsom face and said I lenarya jenkins reject you alpha zues Helmsmith as my mate. 

Meet lenarya jenkins commonly known as Nemesis , she is the rouge that kills rouges.she became an opharn and a rouge at the young age of 11 .she's stuborn, driven, broken and resentful. She wears a mask carries weapons and delivers justice where justice is due.known for freezing the hearts of heartless men stone cold just like their hearts are.she is the only woman known to be capable of killing an alpha she is Nemesis named after the goddes of revenge and justice she fights for the helpless and fights the heartless

Now meet zues Helmsmith the cold heartless and poweful alpha of the
 toxic rose pack.the most powerful alpha in all the werewolf kingdoms .he is to be crowned the alpha king of all werewolves for he has proven himself worthy by defeating the alpha king in battle. He is the only alpha brave enough to challenge the alpha king for the throne in all of wolf history.he is known for being protective of his pack and toxic to other packs .he is feared amongst all supernatural beings .he's short tempered and unstaible .he dous not argue he just kills. He beats you up now and ask questions later. He doesn't have friends just people that havent messed with him

What happens when these two meet and find out they are mates what if lenarya wants and wishes for a mate but zues doesn't. What happens when two stuborn dominant powerful werewolves are mates and both of them refuse to back down .

Read to find out??
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Did i mention that zeus doesn't know lenarya is Nemesis? Did i also mention that lenarya rejects alpha zues Helmsmith?

Yeah i thought so......?????

I wonder why she rejects him after wanting and wishing for a mate for so long .........only if u read you'll find the answer