Sincerely Zanobia [Book 1]

Sincerely Zanobia [Book 1]

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Follow the journey of a girl who lives in a group home, she doesn't know much about her mom but she has a few memories of her father. Living in a rough area, she finds it hard to deal with the life she has been given.

 Her father is a local homeless man that often goes from location to location. He has mental problems but he has a heart of gold, she holds onto the hope of finding him.. so she goes around looking high and low

 Through all the hard nights, coming up empty handed when searching for her father. Will she strike gold and find him after five long years?

  • alone
  • distance
  • grouphome
  • letters
  • urban
TiffanyCroom TiffanyCroom Dec 15, 2016
Hey you got my Bday in here June 1st....2009 I turned 29 that year
ladashia_anberly ladashia_anberly Jun 06, 2016
that's disrespectful he can't help that he was born with mental issues.
SilentTruth_Within SilentTruth_Within Dec 18, 2016
Im lost of words why do the government (CPS)call them selves making children life better n dont realise dey making it worst instead of separating them dey should have help... Wait I'm replying like this true I was really in my feelings sorry carry on
kieoynn kieoynn Jun 26, 2016
Omg I just started this and I'm already wanting to cry. So heartwarming
browny_xox browny_xox Feb 23, 2016
I just read this and I'm crying why does the author have to make such sad but yet good books
lexieetheprincess lexieetheprincess Feb 22, 2017
already about to cry & literally just started reading 😭😭❣