A Girl Like Her

A Girl Like Her

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TRIGGER warning: contains acts of sexual assault, self-harm, and swearing 

'Zander's lips curved into a soft smile. "No need to worry, Lala. It'll heal." His smooth voice was soothing to the ear but I didn't let it affect me- physically. 

"Lala?" I asked, changing the subject before I could let my thoughts wander. 

Zander shrugged, still smiling. It wasn't a big smile. It wasn't even a wicked smile. It was a genuine one. His damn dimples were showing again. 

"It's a nickname. Layla reminds me of Lala. Don't friends have nicks names?" He raised a challenging eyebrow, a  deep twinkle within his captivating, honey-glazed eyes. 


It's only been two years since the night that made Layla Adams lose any and all trust she had in anyone. Desperate for a new life, she convinces her parents to move to a new state with the promise that she'll get her act together for senior year. Two years nearly wasn't enough to stop the nightmares but Layla has grown used to sleepless nights and eases her nerves through nicotine and caffeine. And maybe a mysterious new boy who moves in next door. 
But when Layla's very own nightmare comes back in the form of reality yet again, she's going to need a little more than cigarettes and coffee to keep her wits- and maybe her life.

Cover made by: @TinBrin