Counterpart (GirlxGirl) Editing Slowly

Counterpart (GirlxGirl) Editing Slowly

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killainoue21hime By killainoue21hime Completed

Cold, Distant, Dangerous, Powerful, a killer are some of the things that describes Aliana. But there is one more. Lonely. 

Years of killing has turned her into an emotionless killer, she doesn't care what you think of her, just don't get in her way.

 Out of nowhere she experiences something she thought lost to her. Love. Will she accept it or let it go?

Shy, Useless, a nobody is how many describe Kassandra. Since her fathers betrayl, She is treated as an outcast.

She meets a girl with dead eyes and forms and instant connection with her, but will fear of rejection keep from reaching for what she wants?

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Thanks for the invitation, but I'll leave that up to your mate
Well,do me a favor chealsea and get ur bitch face down the toilet bowl and drown urself
awrigh6294 awrigh6294 Jun 08
If I go to hell promise you'll come with.    It wouldn't be hell without you.
Aren't you just a heartless creature
                              Yes you are
                              Yes you are!
SomiJeonDouma SomiJeonDouma 7 days ago
'I won't stab you in the back, I'll walk up to you directly and stab you in the eye so you can see it coming' my new favourite quote.