us ➳ jack gilinsky

us ➳ jack gilinsky

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Brittanie By glamorize Updated Sep 20

"That's the thing; you don't fall for the people who know you, but for the ones who understand you. And maybe that's why I fell for you. Because no matter how upset you were, you still had the ability to keep a smile on your face and you still had the ability to make other people happy. I realize now, that, that is why I fell in love with you; because you always managed to stay strong, even in your darkest hours."

An imperial story including a compendium of love letters from a heartbroken seventeen year old girl.

Copyright © 2014. All rights Reserved.

THIS STORY USED TO BE CALLED LETTERS TO JACK. I decided  to change the name because I thought "Us" was a better fit, especially since people kept thinking this was just entirely letters to jack, which it is not. It is a story INCLUDING letters.

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cit-lalli cit-lalli Nov 26, 2015
it's only the beginning of the story and I already know this story is gonna make me cry
HopeWorld2000 HopeWorld2000 Nov 17, 2015
That's deep.. Lol what if it was used for someone's wedding vows
That_one_weirdo_ That_one_weirdo_ Apr 10, 2015
Is it just my phone being stupid or is the entire book blank except for the chapter titles?
niallsmain101 niallsmain101 Apr 09, 2015
oh god I keep telling myself he's not dead BUT IT'S NOT WORKINGGGGG
hippiedream hippiedream Apr 08, 2015
This kind of reminds me of the perks of being a wallflower book
coolstorykira coolstorykira Jan 05, 2015
Is he dead or did you break up. Or did you end up committing suicide? like shae fosters book.