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This is the story of the youngest Mikaelson, Lorelei. Unlike her family who are well known for being merciless and inhumane she never strayed from her humanity. She was innocent, kind, pure and beautiful inside and out. 

For this reason her family was very overprotective of her especially her older brother Niklaus. Even though he was slightly jealous of how his cruel father treated her like a princess, he cared for her deeply. 

When their family is being hunted by Mikael, their father, he became worried that his innocent rose would become tainted by the family's darkness. So without his family knowing he took her and left her in a castle on the outskirts of Italy, with only the company of the strongest vampires he knew as her guards. 

For many centuries she's stayed there by herself waiting for her brothers promised return before one day leaving.

Hi Author speaking. Don't copy my story. Got it? Good. 

I do not own The Vampire Diaries or The Originals. I only own Lorelei Mikaelson and any other of my own original characters. I also own my own plot. 

Thank you know please give my story a chance.

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