The Jasper  ⭐️ Watty's Winner⭐️

The Jasper ⭐️ Watty's Winner⭐️

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Ashlynn Crow By AshlynnCrow Completed

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Erin Baine receives an amulet called the Jasper, that controls a pack of werewolves familiars. The Jasper was meant to trap the beast's soul in stone, but now that it lies in the hands of an inexperienced Witch these "guardians" are free to roam. And they're looking for revenge.

Am i the only one reading this in a leprechaun styled accent
Damn girl!!! I applaud you 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
                              Stand up to that ho!
@Wicked4evermore I'm with you on this one. Marian does not sound particularly evolved 😕
Imma be honest while the book sounds good my main motivation is that Pond is on the cover
Well this book looks interesting.... I hope it has some romance or I might now finish reading it 😝
God. It's her birthday... It's like the mum doesn't even care