Lady Death

Lady Death

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Jackie By jjackieeex Updated Sep 09, 2012

If you ask any person on the street whether or not they fear death, the answer is simple and only one: yes. For who wouldn't? Death is the end of all things. It brings pain and suffering, a merciless harbinger of tears and sadness and hatred, of broken hearts and madness and tragedy. It tears everyone apart, families, friends, lovers, acquaintances. It is inevitable for one to die.

There are many rumors about death. He is the one who wears a black, flowing cloak, with his face covered, who bears the dreaded Death Scythe that severs the bond between body and soul. He is the skeleton that haunts the dreams of children, the evil in every life, the one that represents the promise that will not be broken.  He marks the end of something beautiful and rich of color; he brings the black and white world of silence and emptiness. He is the unspoken promise that everything will end. Death is eternal. He cannot be destroyed for he himself is the destroyer.

Death is always watching you. He is hovering over your shoulder as you walk down the street. He stares at you while you sleep. Death is everywhere and nowhere. Death is the only constant in one's life.

My name is Jacilynne.

I am known as Lady Death.

Do you fear me?

Rebecca_k Rebecca_k Dec 16, 2011
Haha wow, i love this! i love the whole idea of this! i wonder what she did?
jjackieeex jjackieeex Nov 18, 2011
@theDerpyPrince thanks. the whole point is to catch your attention, so if I've done so, then i do believe it is my victory ;)
lilly-rain lilly-rain Aug 22, 2011
off to an interesting start, its got me curious and wanting to read more. so well done.
anakelia anakelia Aug 09, 2011
Effing A i LOVE the intro! love it! its well written and ensnaring
Ribbon_of_Rain Ribbon_of_Rain Jul 08, 2011
That, was awesome. Lol.
                              I noticed your story on the fan appreciation page (peanutty11) and I gave it a shot. This is really good!!
                              Could you check out my story Fully Loaded? And drop a comment? Feedback? Thanks(:
RubyDragon RubyDragon Jun 19, 2011
I just love grim reaper stories! XD Mine (Fate) is one too.
                              This is well written and intriguing, with good grammar and punctuation. Definitely voted!