Undercover Mate

Undercover Mate

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Dasha By i_love_woody Updated Feb 22, 2017


Trained from birth to kill, follow orders and repress any part of her that risks the first two, Malice has never been the average female. With her genetics described as an 'abomination', as she is parts werewolf, witch, vampire and fairy combined, the fact that her parents were murdered early in her life, and she's been working for a werewolf protection program ever since birth, it's no surprise that boys have never played a large role in her life. 

Australia. A dry, bogan ridden country is where this all changes. While undercover on a mission, she finds her usually unwavering determination being distracted by a particularly sensuous alpha and his abiding presumptuous personality. But with her mission being set to stay undercover, will she break her single-minded earnestness for him or will he simply go down as another obstacle in another errand?

  • action
  • alpha
  • bad
  • badboy
  • badgirl
  • blood
  • boy
  • fairies
  • fighter
  • girl
  • love
  • mates
  • romance
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  • vampire
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xXAubyne2003Xx xXAubyne2003Xx Apr 20, 2017
I'm sorry, gigantic breasts?
                              Gigantic beasts.
AmberKennedy815 AmberKennedy815 Mar 12, 2017
Just so you know, that is a very stereotypical Australia. I live in Australia and it is only really dry at WA and the middle of Australia where the desert is
fuqdaworld1209 fuqdaworld1209 Aug 04, 2016
What the heck is Maccas? It sounds like a Jamaican restaurant name...
CryoSoldier1917 CryoSoldier1917 Oct 10, 2014
hi now when I come to read the book all it gives me are black pages
McKenzieCasey McKenzieCasey Jul 18, 2018
Only an alien/ something not human would say "I am still human".
bridielenz bridielenz Aug 03, 2018
Hey love your book already and i know your probably really busy with you know life but i cant help but wonder when your going to update the next chapter?