The Devil's Angel (Angels of the Underworld: Book One) (Completed)

The Devil's Angel (Angels of the Underworld: Book One) (Completed)

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No one could have guessed what would happen when a sixteen year old Vincenzo goes to an auction with his father. No one could have guessed that his actions from that night would change his whole life path and the path of others.

They couldn't have guessed that a blonde haired girl would turn their whole world upside down and change everything but she did.
It was set in stone the moment they laid eyes on each other and no one could do anything about it...

Because he'd lose his soul and sanity before he let anything happen to her ever again.

And as you'll soon find out,

May God help anyone who disrespected the Queen....

because she had the Devil wrapped around her finger. 

This story is rated M for mature. If you are not 18+ then I would not read this. Some chapters are private so you have to follow me to read them.

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