Is Beauty In The Eye Of Thee Beholder (BWWM) ON HOLD !!

Is Beauty In The Eye Of Thee Beholder (BWWM) ON HOLD !!

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yannayannyan By yannayannyan Updated Mar 15

"Your so ugly, nobody will ever want you just kill yourself!" The demons in my mind told me. 

"Ewww, why is she so black." The other children would tease and sneer. 

"Just ignore them baby, your beautiful." My mother would say. 

Michelle Carter has not had it easy in life ever since the tragedy that has turned her life around. She has trust issues, abandonment issues and is very insecure but that is what the world made her into. The only person she has in life is her mother, but it gets kind of lonely. 

Meet Justin Smith he is also someone who hasn't had it good in life but that has never stopped him from living. To Justin when life gives you lemons  you make lemonade. Justin has never let life get him down, from having to become the man of the house at a young age and he had to learn how grow up fast. He is just not the type to give up. 

When these two different type of people meet under a compromising position will opposites attract because of a common issue or will they break apart because their skin colors. An insecure woman and a strong headed man, well only time will tell what happens in this story of love, death, laughter and heartache. 


Hey guys 

This is my first book ever so don't kill my vibe with negative comments 

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riathejawn riathejawn Apr 19, 2017
When you white children turn 40 your gonna look like mummies but when she's 40 she's gonna look 20. Always remember black don't crack
kathlenda kathlenda Nov 12, 2015
IDK WHY BUT WHEN IT SAID "when life gives you lemons make lemonade" I THOUGHT IT SAID "when life gives you demons make lemonade"