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Bullied by o2l (featuring magcon boys)

Bullied by o2l (featuring magcon boys)

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kayleeisthename725 By kayleeisthename725 Updated Aug 07, 2014

Kylie's POV:

"Wake up slut!" yelled Ricky. I imediately popped up. Great just great, its bad enough i have to see the guys at school but now they are all invading my home too. Let me introduce myself, my name is Kylie Lawley. As you may have guessed, my brother is Kian Lawley. You guys are probably thinking, "That's so cool!" or, "You are so lucky!" But having Kian as a brother is hell. Him and the rest of o2l bully me. I don't just mean like call you names bully me i mean physically abuse me. I'm talking daily beatings bully me. Yes i live with my mom but she randomly leaves to run away with her new boyfriends all the time. Whenever my mom runs off i have to go stay in the o2l house with Kian and all the guys besides Trever because he's to young i guess. So anyway where was i? Oh yeah waking up. "What? Where's my mom?" I asked frantically. Kian smirked and replied, "Bitch ran away again, told me to take care of you, she seemed serious this time, i don't think she'll be coming back." ...

WdwIsLifeAndBae13 WdwIsLifeAndBae13 Nov 25, 2016
If I were her bff I would have beaten the sht out of them and stayed with her all the time.... because you don't wanna mess with me when I'm mad
HayleyJones12 HayleyJones12 Jan 11, 2016
Just karate chop then to china AHHHHH 💁🏻🙅🏻🙆🏻
lazypockets37 lazypockets37 Jun 15, 2015
I think you right actually pretty good..well I always make something to descriptive or it doesn't make sense.
                              good luck with all of your stories 
seekerravenclaw seekerravenclaw Apr 25, 2015
My mind is messed up I kept laughing at the saddest parts... Of course I always do that so whatever
simplyy_queen simplyy_queen Jul 06, 2014
Literally I thought of. the period. cause she looked dow- okay you get it..