The Caste Game | Boyxboy 18+

The Caste Game | Boyxboy 18+

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not melanie martinez By LadyBL_Shane Updated Dec 29, 2018

"Did I stutter? On. Your. Knees."

A school for the criminally rebellious conducts a semestral "Caste Game"; where cards are hidden in the campus and those who find it will be ranked according to the card's position in the deck. 

Levi Park has been holding the King card ever since he enrolled; he is ruthless, he is feared, he is strategically the worst person ever; yet he rules the entire school for delinquents. Until comes a bundle of innocence and rainbow socks, Holland Paris, conveniently transferred in the time of this year's Game. 

But something happened when Holland woke up and found the highest card in the deck. 

"Congratulations on finding the King, your Highness. Now..." Levi said, his confidence making Holland frown in suspicion. Until Levi held up a distinctive card between slender fingers, and Holland's heart dropped. "On your knees."

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