The Risks

The Risks

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EmJayRey By EmJayRey Updated 3 days ago

"There was something different between us suddenly. Something new. Something dangerous. "

Most of the population is dead, some have turned into vicious, crazed creatures who want nothing more than to eat you, and a small percentage are left to try to survive. Nothing is the way it was. Delve into a world where you can't trust anyone but being alone is a death sentence, where keeping your faith in humanity is near impossible, and where you have to decide if you want to just survive or if you want to live.

[Apocalyptic Love Story]

Author's note: so I've been working on this story for years. I had some of it posted on here before, but then I deleted it because I quickly realized that posting your work to the public is terrifying! But it's silly for me to just have it stored on my laptop, never seeing the light of day. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment with your thoughts!

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