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MJ Fantasy: Michael Jackson Collection of Imagines

MJ Fantasy: Michael Jackson Collection of Imagines

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Amirah Huda Azlan By AmirahHuda Updated Oct 15, 2015

Looking for sweet, lovey-dovey scenes of you and Michael? Well, you've found the right book! ;)                

This is a collection of MJ's Imagines. I hope you like it :)                    

Oh yes, everything posted here are 100% by me unless stated, okay? Comment and vote if you like it yeah? Tell me if you don't :)                  

Ohh, I may be accepting request. So, drop your request and who knows if you're lucky? Suggestions are most appreciated :D                    

Okay, okay. . . .You can swipe now :D                     


UaintBADainT_NOINX UaintBADainT_NOINX May 10, 2016
"I'll  reach out my hand for you I have on all you do just call name I'll be there
musicoIogy musicoIogy Aug 21, 2016
No but I would've died on some real stuff like😭😩 poor Michael 😂
ibeenshook ibeenshook May 23, 2016
What the hell is wrong wit me *slaps myself* bih what's wrong witchu
ibeenshook ibeenshook Jun 25, 2016
This is like the 5th time I'm reading this book and let me just say that I still absolutely love it you are an extremely talented writer👍❤
eyesof eyesof Oct 15, 2015
Did u repost this whole book or is my account kust being funky?
foreva3 foreva3 Jul 15, 2015
who's the guy on the cover it really doesnt look like Michael at all