MJ Fantasy: Michael Jackson Collection of Imagines

MJ Fantasy: Michael Jackson Collection of Imagines

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Amirah Huda Azlan By AmirahHuda Updated Oct 15, 2015

Looking for sweet, lovey-dovey scenes of you and Michael? Well, you've found the right book! ;)                

This is a collection of MJ's Imagines. I hope you like it :)                    

Oh yes, everything posted here are 100% by me unless stated, okay? Comment and vote if you like it yeah? Tell me if you don't :)                  

Ohh, I may be accepting request. So, drop your request and who knows if you're lucky? Suggestions are most appreciated :D                    

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BelChanel BelChanel Mar 17, 2017
Hey guys! Great fan of your work, AmirahHuda. Come check out my page where I'm currently writing an MJ story. Can't wait to get your feedback!!
                              - Althea :)))))))))))
MoonwalkerAlexa MoonwalkerAlexa Nov 12, 2017
Well.... I'm in a mood for some Coffee Crumble..... Lets go Mike
ibeenshook ibeenshook Jun 25, 2016
This is like the 5th time I'm reading this book and let me just say that I still absolutely love it you are an extremely talented writer👍❤
foreva3 foreva3 Jul 15, 2015
who's the guy on the cover it really doesnt look like Michael at all
meeghsiedoc meeghsiedoc Jul 11, 2015
So far I love this book.  I LOVE mj  more though.... No afence
-Melomanie -Melomanie Jul 06, 2015
You are not alone just started playing on my playlist. . . Don't know why it reminded me of this but whatever haha