Neverland's Queen... (REWRITTEN)

Neverland's Queen... (REWRITTEN)

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💜𝐶𝑎𝑠𝑒𝑦💜 By Caseyleea246 Updated 6 days ago

Wendy Darling, a beautiful, young and intelligent girl loves to dream, yet her life isn't was she is. Wendy is treated horribly, she has been abused, bullied every single day. 

One night she was reading a certain book, that's the night the shadow came and dropped off to Neverland. Wendy Darling is where her dreams were born. 

She meets the king, the mastermind, the dreamboat, Peter Pan. He is completely fixated on Wendy. So, he decides to keep her on his island. However, will his fixation turn into more? 

For centuries, Peter Pan needs one thing, the heart of the truest believer, but there was once something greater than that, a gem that held to whole Ora of Neverland. But Pan gave up searching, so he resorted to the heart. 

Time passes, highs and lows are explored and at the end, something better than love is found, but this journey isn't your normal fairytale, So is Wendy Darling ready to live life, again?....