The Vampire of Tinkerfall (Elysium #3)

The Vampire of Tinkerfall (Elysium #3)

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Karin Winter By inkwellheart Completed

With hardly a moment's rest after the case of the experimental corpses, Trinket and Booker are met with a new mystery: a supposed vampire haunting the streets of Tinkerfall. While Booker's scientific mind refuses to buy into ghost stories, Trinket fears this creature could, in fact, be a demon.

A demon from her tormented past.

Determined to learn the identity of the bloodsucking nightwalker, Trinket throws herself into the path of danger and begins to stir up painful memories from both Elysium and her life before the asylum. As she comes closer to learning the truth, she wonders how much longer she can keep her employer in the dark about her unforgivable sins.

Perhaps a man fascinated by vicious monsters might also be able to love one.

Or maybe he'll condemn her back to the hell from whence she came.

It's JANE EYRE meets FRANKENSTEIN in this YA mystery series with a steampunk flair.


Bonus short stories: NEVER KICK A PUP and THE INSPECTION.

Warning: this story involves mental illness and has scenes depicting anxiety attacks and PTSD, as well as suicidal thoughts.

  • action
  • antihero
  • clockwork
  • dark
  • death
  • doctor
  • dreadpunk
  • femaleprotagonist
  • gangs
  • hallucinations
  • horror
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